The Hungarian Football Federation Appeal Committee made a legally binding decision regarding the 2015-16 licence requests on 26 May 2015. The committee has rejected the first-division licence of Gyõri ETO, Kecskeméti TE, PMFC, Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC, Lombard Pápa, reported.

Earlier, The Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) had denied the licence of Gyõri ETO, Lombard Pápa, PMFC, Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC, and Kecskeméti TE for the 2015/16 season, meaning that they could not compete in Hungary’s first-division football championship. Although most of the clubs did lodge an appeal against the MLSZ decision, none of them will be allowed to compete in the top-flight from the next season on the basis of the new decision.

The President of the Hungarian Football Federation Sándor Csányi, previously speaking about the decision, clarified that they had denied the licence requests partly because the football federation must comply with the UEFA regulations, but the stricter rules and requirements would also make it possible for the MLSZ to reduce the number of clubs playing in the first-division from 16 to 12.

According to an earlier disclosure, the first-division championship will consist of three times eleven rounds in the 2015-16 season. Teams failing to qualify to the first division will be competing in Hungary’s third-division (NB III).

The members of the committee will gather to discuss how to proceed from the next season, but it is likely that the number of first-league clubs will be reduced to 12 from the beginning of the 2015-16 season.

The federation also rejected Újpest’s application for an international (UEFA) licence.

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