Hungarian girl fascinated AGT jury

Vivien Vajda (24) got into the next round thanks to four ‘Yes’ – according to The jury stood there gaping after the Hungarian girl’s performance done with a single jumping rope.

The jury was sceptical at the beginning

Since there are talent shows there are people who decide to step on the road of becoming a star in a foreign country. However, this can be very difficult for them because they have to present something extraordinary to convince the jury.

Vivien Vajda thought that there is more in her, so she decided to enter the contest of America’s got talent. There she impressed

both the jury and the audience

with an incredible jump roping performance. To tell the truth, the jury was a bit sceptical when they heard what Vivien would like to present. However, after her production, they had to admit that Vivien is very talented. Even the always-very-critical

Simon Cowell praised the production.

Finally, they let her to the next round with four ‘Yes’.

Vivien’s production can be watched below:

The young Hungarian girl has already won 14 gold medals on world championships

In fact, could interview the girl who said that everybody laughed at her when she was a child because jumping ropes were her biggest passion. Since then

she has won many competitions from in all over the world.

She added that she does not rise above the others in the show. As a matter of fact, she talked very humbly about her successes. Vivien told that she has been living in Brazil for long since her mother is Brazilian. Moreover, she chose the South-American country because they could find a sponsor there who financed her competitions and university studies.

About the beginnings, Vivien told that she saw a jumping rope show in a plaza when she was ten. Until then she skated and did artistic gymnastics. However, they moved to a city where there was not permanent skating rink, so she chose jumping ropes instead.

‘It is very similar to gymnastics, and besides, it is acrobatic and artistic’

– told Vivien about how she found her passion.

In her first world championship, she won gold and silver medals in England. Since then she became world champion 14 times, and she took part in two Olympic Games as an invitee. In Rio, she could even carry the Olympic flame. Besides, she holds many world records, as well.

Here you can find an interview with her done by AGT:

Moreover, she speaks 6 languages; thus, she works as an interpreter.  Furthermore,

she teaches disabled children in her free time.

According to her, if somebody works a lot for what they love and shares this love with others, miracles can happen. She sees her performance in America’s got talent as an excellent opportunity to familiarise this kind of sport with as many people as possible.

Here you can watch another fantastic production of hers:

Featured image: AGT Facebook page


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