The voting session officially came to an end, and Hungarian people chose the best hotel in 2019. 

Sokszínű Vidék reported that last year seven regions’ forty hotels entered the competition to win the prestigious ‘hotel of the year in 2019’ title according to the ranking of Hungarian guests. The competition started in June and nearly 100,000 votes were registered until January 19, the end of the competition. 

Seven Hungarian hotels made it into the final round where the last voting session started to choose the best one. The ceremony was held at the Parisian Court in Budapest. 

Emerald Residence, Budapest, Hungary, hotel
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  1. Hotel Komló (Gyula)
  2. Hotel Kapitány (Sümeg)
  3. Hotel Visegrád (Visegrád)
  4. Mesés Shiraz Hotel (Egerszalók)
  5. Hotel Silverine Lake Resort (Balatonfüred)
  6. Donautica Restaurant and Hotel (Fadd)
  7. MenDan Magic Spa & Wellness Hotel (Zalakaros)

And the winner is… Mesés Shiraz Hotel Egerszalók! 

Shiraz Hotel, Hungary, hotel, Egerszalók
Shiraz Hotel, hotel, Egerszalók, Hungary
Shiraz Hotel, restaurant, hotel, Egerszalók, Hungary

The idea of the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel (Heves County) was born in 2002. It opened its gates as a thematic hotel for families in 2004, altogether with 21 rooms. In the last ten years the hotel that pictures the atmosphere of the Middle East, of the 1001 nights, was significantly developed and extended in several phases, due to which now it charms its Guests with its outside and inside wellness oasis of 1400 square meters, with 65 rooms, among them with its 11 suites built on exclusive, modern themes, with the miracle of its fascinating interior design and numerous thematic, gratis programs.

Shiraz Hotel, Egerszalók, restaurant, hotel, Hungary
Shiraz Hotel, bath, Egerszalók, hotel, Hungary
Shiraz Hotel, Hungary, Egerszalók, hotel

The second place was taken by MenDan Magic Spa & Wellness Hotel in Zalakaros. The third place by Hotel Kapitány in Sümeg. The ‘hotel of the year’ competition will be held in 2020 as well. 

Hungary, Szolnok, hotel
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