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Botond Nagy, who is a Hungarian martial artist, earned a new Guinness Record by setting up the fastest roundhouse kick in karate.  

According to, the Hungarian boy owns the fastest roundhouse kick in the world. He beat the previous record holder with an amazing result. He managed to decrease the previous martial artists’ 0.70 seconds to 0.476!

The professional jury measured his kick at the 24th World Senior Championships in Madrid. Botond Nagy stated that, for the first time, he was only joking about this challenge, but when he saw that his results are better than anyone else’s, he took part in the official measurement process.

“Among the 100 competitors, I got into the best five with the best time after the first round to the final, where I won the competition.” – said the sportsman.

After the final, he got the opportunity to set a new Guinness World Record, and he succeeded. He received a paper about the world’s fastest kick at the venue, but the official document will be sent to him later.

This is not the only Hungarian related Guinness World Record. Here are some examples:

  • Children’s Railway in Budapest operating since 31st July 1948, holds the record for the longest narrow-gauge railway with 11.70 km.
  • Mófarguru Restaurant in Budapest holds the record for having the world’s longest menu with 1810 different meals. It takes approximately 20 minutes to read the whole menu.
  • Hungarian pianist Balázs Havasi holds the record for being the fastest musician in the world. He pushed the same key on the piano 498 times in 60 seconds.
  • The biggest book of the world can be seen in Aggtelek National Park. The book is 4.18 meters high, 3.77 meters wide and weighs 1420 kilograms.
  • Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory holds the record for being the cruellest female murderer

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