As the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic goes through Hungary, many are working to make it as safe and easy as possible, without having to shut the country down again.

A Hungarian company, KC Struktur Kft., is doing the same by developing comfortable and reusable virus masks, which would enable people to work safely in the medical and other fields of work as well. The mask would provide protection even in the most dangerous periods, Index reported.

Masks currently in use, even FFP2 and FFP3, cannot completely filter out ultrafine particles of the virus flying in the air. The KC Virus Mask is specifically tested clinically for viruses and bacteria, in contrast to other masks being tested to filter out dust and pollen. Their virus filter achieved 99.9% in tests on viruses and bacteria smaller than the new coronavirus.

The KC Virus Mask enables safe work even in viral environments thanks to its filter.  KC Struktur recommends the masks to doctors, dentists, public office workers, and couriers, for example, as the filter only costs a few hundred forints, it can provide protection even in a hospital for 24 hours, and it can be easily replaced as well. The masks are expected to be available in October.

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“One of the main considerations in designing the mask was that it should not be uncomfortable, and its material should not irritate the skin. It is made of hybrid silicone or TPE, a skin-friendly material, so the skin does not suffer from long-term wear, and thanks to the design following the line of the face, the mask ensures comfortable wear. The mask does not have to be discarded after wearing it; it can be used again after a disinfectant wash, so it does not burden the environment. All parts of the product are made of reusable material; in addition, the filter does not have to be destroyed, it can be returned to KC Mask. Due to its high heat resistance, it is easy to disinfect,” KC Struktur Kft. explained.

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