Strasbourg, July 16 (MTI) – Strenuous efforts are needed to guarantee the peace, stability and democratic consolidation of Ukraine, an ethnic Hungarian MEP from Ukraine’s Transcarpathian region has said.

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“As a Hungarian from Transcarpathia, I consider it my duty to help create peace, stability and democracy in Ukraine,” Andrea Bocskor said in her first address to an EP plenary session on Tuesday.

The politician elected on the Fidesz list added the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration and the visa-free entry of Ukrainian citizens into the EU should also be promoted.

Speaking at a session devoted to Ukraine, she said that Transcarpathia’s Hungarians have a vested interest in Ukraine emerging from the crisis.

Bocskor said that as an MEP she would promote the enforcement of human and national minority rights and the use of minority languages in Europe.



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