On Tuesday morning, two elderly people (87 and 73 years old) and their Hungarian nurse (53) lost their lives in a house fire in the Austrian Voitsberg – reported by the local edition of ORF.

The fire department was alarmed at 3:15 am. The police station is just 200 meters away from the family house; however, by the time the firefighters reached the wooden house, the flames roared too high to stop the fire.

According to Karl Gössler – head of the local fire department – the whole house was intensively burning by that time; furthermore, the strong wind made the rescue work even more difficult. The firefighters tried to enter the building, but it was too late.

As the Hungarian news portal 24.hu reports, the house is located in a wooded area; the wind swept the ash into the forest, which was a special hazard.

96 firefighters tried to prevent the fire from spreading into the forest.

The flames were burning so intensively that the department reported only around noon that the fire was averted.

Source: 24.hu

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