Tamás Vörös, who’s a teacher in Budapest, started an interactive program at the school he works at, called „liquid nitrogen party” a few years ago. It’s purpose was to show students the beauty of physics through exciting experiments with the liquid. The students loved it, but due to financial hardships, he had to stop organizing the events. To continue the tradition, he would need a few hundred-thousand forints, which he is not able to pay out of his own pocket. He decided to raise money via Indiegogo.

There are many ways to make students interested in science, but the best way to achieve this is to get them involved  in the experiments. That was the goal of Tamás Vörös, who works as a physics teacher at the Semmelweis Ignác Humán Szakképző Iskola. He recently started an indiegogo campaign to make that possible.

“I started the ‘liquid nitrogen party’ initiative in 2014. It was organised in the gym hall of the school. I showed the students  all these spectacular and interactive experiments with the -196  °C liquid nitrogen.” – Vörös told hvg.hu. The experiments were uploaded to Youtube, on the channel:  trip2science. The movement was a great success amongst the students, according to the teacher.

“Approximately 60-70 students showed up every year. After the experiments they could experiment with the substance as well: they dipped chocolate and apple into it, played with it a lot.” – added the expert, who even made a website, a Facebook page and a Youtube channel, so the students can look up the past experiments. The teacher obtained the supplies from a company in Budapest. He also rented the Dewar-flask, which is used to hold and transport the liquid.

In the meantime, this opportunity was cancelled by the company, while the liquid nitrogen can only be stored safely in this container. Otherwise, it evaporates in a couple of hours. Because of these unfortunate happenings the party was not organized anymore.

A container with a certificate costs some hundred-thousand forints, which is impossible to pay for when one is alone. “The reason why this container is so special is that it’s inner covering is silver, and between it’s inner and outer covering there is a very strong vacuum. This makes sure that the liquid we pour inside can be used even after 2 weeks.” – He noted.

Vörös, in the end, started an Indiegogo campaign, with the goal to collect the missing funds for the project. To make the campaign successful and get the opportunity to experiment next year, He needs about 2800 USD (approx. 767 thousand forints). He turned to the public for help, to keep a tradition that the students always liked and learned a lot from.

If the vacuum sealing is not broken, and the container is being kept clean it can be used basically forever, he added.


Translation by: Barbara Bajusz

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Source: hvg.hu

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