On Saturday, the University of Pécs revealed to MTI that they had determined the complete genetic code of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is also important for further domestic and international research, Hírtv reported.

The Virology Research Group led by Ferenc Jakab at the Szentágothai János Research Centre of the University of Pécs and the Bioinformatics Research Group led by Attila Gyenesei worked in collaboration, and the fruit of their work was the complete genetic code of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

They used the sample of a Hungarian who was infected by the virus, and they processed it directly following international protocol.

This way, they were able to determine the complete genetic code of the COVID-19 coronavirus. According to the announcement, the research was conducted by Péter Urbán, Gábor Endre Tóth, and Róbert Herczeg, under the guidance of Gábor Kemenesi.

Moreover, Ferenc Jakab is leading one of the task forces previously announced by Viktor Orbán. The purpose of this task force is to improve knowledge about the virus, investigate its mechanism of infection and transmission, identify possible steps of prevention, and learn about the future development of effective drugs and therapies.

The statement quotes Ferenc Jakab: “the definition of the genetic code clearly indicates that professional collaborations can bring the expected success to Hungary as well”.

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Source: Hírtv.hu, MTI

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