Budapest, August 7 (MTI) – Paleontologists at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have started compiling a 3D map of fossils of dinosaurs, based on explorations at Iharkut in western Hungary, Attila Osi, the head of the research group, told MTI.

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The research group specialised in dinosaurs is looking for answers as to why there was such a high concentration of 85-million-year-old fossils in a relatively small area, Osi said.

The Iharkut exploration site was discovered in 2000 as Hungary’s only known dinosaur site. More than 10,000 bone relics have been uncovered at the site over the past 14 years, including those of some three dozens of vertebrate species, among them fossils of seven dinosaur species.

Iharkut is the only site in Europe where two armored dinosaur species are believed to have lived side by side – the Hungarosaurus tormai and the Struthiosaurus species, Osi said.



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