Budapest, 2016. szeptember 1. Ifj. Adamkó Péter, Ambrus Gergely, Tóth Attila és Jager Attila barlangászok, a Krubera-Voronya-barlangból hazaérkezett Inverse Everest expedíció tagjai (b-j) a fõvárosi Marczibányi Téri Mûvelõdési Központban tartott sajtótájékoztatójukon 2016. szeptember 1-jén. A barlangászok sikeresen teljesítették küldetésüket, miután lejutottak a Föld legmélyebben elérhetõ természetes, szárazon járható barlangjának legmélyebb száraz pontjára, a 2080 méter mélyen lévõ Game Over terembe. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

A Hungarian team of speleologists has conquered the Krubera Cave, the deepest known cave on Earth. Péter Adamkó Jr, Gergely Ambrus, Attila Tóth, an Attila Jager have reached the lowest point of the cave at 2080m called Game Over, reports.

The team left for Abkhazia, Georgia, on August 1, and they arrived back home on August 30. They spent 9 consecutive days in the cave. The expedition started on August 8, and by the next day, they reached the camp at 1200 m. They dived through an underwater cavern at 1440 m, which was considered the most dangerous part of the expedition.


During the mission they were also joined by Botond Fábián and a Lebanese speleologist, and the six of them reached the end point, Game Over, on August 12, after a 20 hour journey. On the way back, the team was forced to pause the ascent for half a day to wait for the water from heavy rainfalls on the surface to flow through the cave.

Hungarian archaeologists among the last remaining team in war-torn Syria

The Game Over, first discovered in 2004, is the world’s deepest known natural cave which can be reached on land, said Gergely Ambrus at the press conference on Thursday. The team was also joined by the crew of National Geographic, who documented the expedition.

“The aim of our expedition was to be the first in the world to take professional photographs of the Krubera Cave. We successfully completed this task as we have taken several hundred photos both in the cave and on the surface,” said Ambrus.

Photos: MTI

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