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State aquisition in the Bombardier Máv Kft. is strategic importance by the decision of the Hungarian Government, napi.hu says.

Government regulation classified the concentration as strategic importance because of the preservation of the jobs and the development of the domestic automobile industry. This step of the government means that this concentration does not need the permission of the Hungarian Competition Authority.  The Hungarian Government likewisely acted in the cases of the purchase of MKB Bank and Főgáz, when those transactions were defined as strategic importance.

According to the datas of céginfó.hu, the Dunakeszi-based Bombardier Máv Kft. is mainly owned by the Berlin-based Bombardier GmbH and the MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt. Last year, the company had HUF 260 million loss. Currently, 361 people are employed by them, napi.hu says.

based on the article of napi.hu 
translated by Becsi

Source: http://www.napi.hu/

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