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Hungarian Team Taking Big Steps For Google Lunar XPRIZE

Hungarian Team Taking Big Steps For Google Lunar XPRIZE

Team Puli competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE has completed a successful simulation of its rover mission, reports.

The said, the Google Lunar XPRIZE is offering $40 million to the first private company that is able to land safely on the surface of the Moon. The competition also requires the rover to travel 1,600 feet above, below or on the Lunar surface, as well as send two videos or photos back to Earth.

According to, Team Puli said that during its rover’s field test, it drove 1,900 feet across soft, lose soil similar to that found on the lunar surface and broadcast high-resolution images and video from its starting and end points. The team used the new PISCES facility located on the slopes of Mauna Kea. This facility is acknowledged as being among the closest analogs to lunar soil found on Earth due to the volcanic soil.

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