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According to mothly Globs Magazine, the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC), now having 13 offices worldwide, opened its newest office in Florida, one of the most important states of the US. The HTCC in Florida helps the Hungarian companies to enter the markets and to spread in the USA with the close cooperation and incorporation of local partner organisations and experts. The Parties signed these agreements in November.  

Important Milestone

Followed by Washington, The Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center opened a new agency in Sarasota which was preceded by an in-depth market research and sensitive negotiations. The Floridian partners’ determination and their interest in HTCC and also in the Hungarian business opportunities are indicated by the separate delegation spent to Budapest in order to introduce in details their activity and won their confidence.

The agreement on the representation of HTTCC in Florida was signed by Ádám Szerbin Executive Director by Hungarian part and Peter Harris, Executive Director of the Florida International Chamber Of Commerce (FICOC) by American part. Both parties indicated that Florida could offer special economic, trade and, last but not least, investment opportunities to Hungarian companies. In favour of the successful businesses the Florida International Chamber Of Commerce will provide the enterprising Hungarians with all support and help, as it strives to facilitate the development of the economic relations in the whole Middle European region.

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Warm Welcome for the Hungarians

Globs Magazine said, Hungary is not unknown for the Americans. There are many American corporations in our country, therefore, it is time for the Hungarians, too, to establish presence in the United States. It is no coincidence that the operation of and the successful international role of HTCC raised the Americans’ attention. The organization with head quarters in Budapest is present at several points in the world helping the Hungarian companies to enter the market.

“Hungary and the Hungarian people are warmly welcome in the USA. We are aware of every rule, we know every business forum, and we are capable of doing good marketing”, said the Executive Director of FICOCt, Peter Harris who emphasised that the fundamental task of the Florida International Chamber Of Commerce is to help and to support the activities of foreign enterprises, investors and businessmen. The HTCC is a perfect partner to achieve these goals and to develop a long-term cooperation.

 Florida is a special place

“We have a completely unique endowment, therefore, Hungary and Florida can have seemingly infinite economic and trading opportunities”, Les Grandi, tax and financing advisor who travelled with the Florida delegation to Hungary.

The expert explicitly stressed the advantages and positive effects of Florida’s sub-tropical climate, which makes tourism one of the leading sectors of the state: it provides approximately 1.2 million people with permanent job. Nothing illustrates better its popularity than having about 95 million visitors in 2015 which has a huge impact on the local real estate trading. Beside tourism, the entertainment industry is also significant which is a magnet for the visitors.

Why Sarasota?

Florida is maybe the most important part of the USA’s economic life. According to the annual study called Best State for Business, it is the fourth most favourable tax environment and the second in offering help to enterprises.

Nineteen commercial airports operate in Florida, and altogether with four, 800-km long rail networks, and with more than 20000-km long motorway, the state can be proud of outstanding infrastructure. It offers a great opportunity for doing business with its income tax of 0%.

Open Doors to the World

The aim of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center is to help and support those Hungarian enterprises which want to spread globally and enter into successful businesses. In order to achieve this, The HTCC established offices in several points of the world, so that it can represent the interests of Hungarian enterprises not only from Budapest but also from local levels. Besides, it maintains close relations and cooperation with local chambers, business organizations, and last, but not least, with businessmen which is an essential condition of successfully entering the foreign market.

According to Globs Magazine, the HTCC opened its first office in Morocco in 2013, and then it was successfully spreading in Uganda, Malawi, Ghana and China. The organization reached a significant break-through in 2015, after opening an office in Dubai, in the Persian Gulf. The HTCC was primarily specialised in regions which have the potential for businesses but had remained unknown for Hungarian enterprises, businessmen and investors.

[learn_more caption=”Facts about FICOC”] The FCOC was established by Peter Harris in 1997. The organization has held international seminars since 2001 in Florida, helping the foreign entrepreneurs to enter the markets of Florida and the USA, to establish new enterprises, and in the questions in connection with immigration and in the administration in relation to immigration. Since the start of its operation, the organization has promoted the in-flow of 750 million Dollars to Florida; the organization can be proud of significant professional references. The FCOC has strategic partnerships with more than 150 tourism, economy and trade development organizations, from which the most significant ones are Enterprise Florida, Visit Florida, and EDC Sarasota County. The organization has own head quarters in London, and now in Budapest, too, moreover, they are about opening their new office in Kiev.[/learn_more]

Sarasota is located on the Middle-Western Florida shore, so the location is a good choose. Sarasota’s beach have successively won the award of the most beautiful beaches of the United States, so it became a popular tourist destination, in addition, the biggest businessmen can also be found here. It is a dynamically growing town; pursuant to the demographic estimations, the number of its habitants is going to duplicate in 5 years, thanks to the continuous economic growth.

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