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A Hungarian TV channel, ATV is starting a broad partnership with CNN, as reports. The cooperation will consist of a news broadcast and training in Atlanta.

In October, the CNN news broadcast will start on the Hungarian TV channel, ATV. The news will be broadcasted weekly and in Hungarian, but in case of urgent, breaking news ATV is enabled to switch to CNN Breaking News immediately. Therefore, the cooperation is a good possibility for ATV to become an up-to-date news channel.

The cooperation will include training possibilities for the Hungarian employees of the channel in the center of the American news channel, in Atlanta.

“We are indeed very proud that, following the long preparatory work, we finally succeeded in starting cooperation with CNN” – Szilárd Németh, CEO of ATV channel said. “A new team will be formed to work on the American news taken over from CNN. Therefore, ATV will be the first in Hungary to report about breaking news in the whole world, including field interviews and recordings with the help of an interpreter.”

“Another huge possibility are the training opportunities offered to our colleagues that will take place in CNN’s center. One of our editors will be able to start his or her professional training in the USA in September” – told Szilárd Németh.

The CEO talked about other plans for the channel, too. The owners’ main idea is to create a second ATV channel, which would enable two different concepts for the channels. The program of the first channel would mainly include entertainment programs and series, while the other one would be a news channel. The former would supposedly aim at attracting new, young viewers.

We have written about the current state of the Hungarian media before, and several foreign papers’ critique of the Hungarian government’s management of the media landscape.


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