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Hungarian world record unbeaten at spaghetti bridge building competition

Hungarian world record unbeaten at spaghetti bridge building competition

The “Reccs” International Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition was held for the eighth time at the Óbuda University in Budapest, where young engineering students have to build out of pasta a one-meter bridge weighing a maximum of one kilogram that is then subjected to an endurance test, as reports.

Hungary was represented by three teams from the Faculty of Engineering at Óbuda University. Besides Hungary, there were engineering students from five other countries competing at this rather peculiar event – Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey and Romania.

The Hungarian world record of 2013 remains unbeaten, when the Óbuda University team managed to build a bridge that could sustain a 570.3 kg endurance test.

In the category of “support”, it is last year’s Syrian Tat Makaron keeping the world record, whose construction was strong enough to hold 666.3 kilogrammes before making the “crack!” sound (which is “Reccs!” in Hungarian, hence the name of the competition).

At this year’s contest, Romania came in at first place with their spaghetti bridge called Kenny, capable of holding 272.9 kilograms. Bulgaria was second – their construction, called For a frew dollars more, gave in under the pressure of 103.1 kilograms.

In this year’s “support” category, Tat Makaron – this time representing Turkey ­– was triumphant again, with a structure that collapsed only at 561.4 kilograms. The Lithuanian team, a recurring figure at the competition, came in second with a contraption called Bridge it! that held 401.4 kilogrammes.

Photo: MTI


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