According to a recent report by Eurostat, the highest number of train accidents happened to take place in Poland and Hungary.

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Kafkadesk reported that Poland and Hungary recorded the second- and third-highest number of rail accidents in the EU in 2018. With a number of 275 and 162 accidents in one year, Poland and Hungary only came behind Germany, where more than 300 railway accidents were reported. The number of accidents decreased by nearly 40% in Poland since 2010, but the situation is different in Hungary.

In the country, the number of train accidents rose by 12% over the same period. In 2018, both countries accounted for exactly 25% of all train accidents in the EU.

Other EU countries where railway accidents reached high levels include Romania (132), France (119), and Italy (109). The Czech Republic (89 train accidents in 2018) and Slovakia (63) came way behind their two Central European neighbours.

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According to EU data, the countries that had the least amount of train accidents over the year were Luxembourg (2), Ireland (6), Denmark (10), Slovenia (14), Finland and Lithuania (both 15). The EU added that if you consider travelling by train, these are the safest countries.

In total, exactly 1,721 rail accidents were recorded in the EU in 2018.

It is the lowest level from the past decade and means it is down by nearly 25% compared to 2010. The accidents killed a total of 885 people while 760 were said to have been seriously injured.

The most common accidents were caused by unauthorised persons on the railway tracks and level crossing accidents involving pedestrians.

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