Szilveszter E. Vizi brain researcher, academic, and director of the Friends of Hungary Foundation recently noted in an interview that they would like foreign journalists to know the truth about Hungary, and they also would prefer Hungarian citizens to be told the truth.

According to origo.hu, the known scholar stated that the Friends of Hungary Foundation introduced Hungary to foreign journalists a few days before. The purpose was to deepen the journalists’ insight into the Hungarian political situation. Only questioning and open-minded journalists were invited, and they got the chance to share their opinion about Hungary as well.

“It was a risky undertaking, because many people stick to their own opinion no matter what the reality is. I hope that the false picture about Hungary will change. We also visited the House of Terror Museum. Here our invited foreign journalists were shocked when they saw the events of Hungarian history.” – said the director.

A lot of journalists were surprised by the fact that people can walk freely on the streets anywhere and anytime, and also how many tourists from different countries can be seen, while there are no armed policemen in the city in contrast with many western countries. Journalists from Le Monde and The New York Times were here last year, and they were astonished by the warm welcome.

The foundation would like to invite another group of journalists next autumn. The academic director also added that the invited journalists had the opportunity to talk to Hungarian ministers and under-secretaries where they were told about Hungary’s successes and problems as well.

Featured image: www.friendsofhungary.hu

Source: origo.hu

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