Former Hungary international and Újpest Dózsa legend Béla Kuharszki (pictured here on the right) has passed away aged 76 years.

Kuharszki was born on 29th April 1940 and started playing football at the Gyárépítők club. While being there he was called up to the youth national team in 1957, and in the next year he signed for Újpest Dózsa. He made his debut for the lilac-and-whites on 31st August, 1958, in front of 70,000 spectators in the Népstadion, during a 3-0 defeat by Vasas, the full lineup being Török – Rajna, Várhidi, Győrvári – Halmai, Borsányi – Nagy K., Göröcs, Kuharszki, Szusza, Bencsics.

The striker played 11 seasons at Dózsa, winning the NBI league championship in 1960, reaching the European Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final in 1962 and being an early part of the Újpest team, which made it to the Fairs Cup final of 1969. His last league match for Lajos Báróti’s team was on 1st December 1968 against Videoton, the team lineup being Szentmihályi – Káposzta, Solymosi, Bánkuti – Dunai III, Noskó – Kuharszky, Göröcs, Bene, Dunai II, Zámbó.

Kuharszky finished his NBI career with Egyetértés, aged 29 years, before continuing in NB I/B with the Budapest club. He made six appearances for Hungary during his career, his first coming on 9th October 1960 and his last coming, aged 22, in the 1962 FIFA World Cup in Chile.

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