Aggtelek National Park is truly a unique park in Hungary, with a sprawling and surprising cave system, an equestrian center, and miles of hiking and biking trails, National Park Traveler reports.

Aggtelek in northeast Hungary features amazing karst caverns, a hucul horse riding centre, environmental education centers, and hiking and biking through Hungary’s most interesting and unique landscape.

National Park Traveler said, Aggtelek National Park is the only national park in Hungary established in order to first and foremost protect inanimate natural assets – karst formations and caves. The conservation of the territory began in 1978 when it was declared a “protected landscape area,” and in 1985 it was recognized as a national park.

According to National Park Traveler, 1995 was a significant year in the history of the national park as The Caves of the Aggtelek Karst and the Slovak Karst were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The surface disguises some 1200 caves, 280 of which can be found on the Hungarian side. The area richly deserves the extra layer of UNESCO protection on the grounds of the complexity, diversity and relatively intact conditions of its caves and formations. The total territory of the national park is more than 20000 hectares (77 square miles). It has also been a designated Ramsar Convention Site for the protection of wetlands and waterfowl.

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