Brussels (MTI) – The European Commission is considering extending further financial help for tackling mass migration to Hungary, Greece and Austria, Dimitris Avramopoulos, Commissioner for Migration, said on Friday.

Next to Italy and Greece, Hungary is the most vulnerable to the current migration flow, Avramopoulos said in a statement.

Hungary’s request for an additional 8 million euros in fast aid, which the Commission received on Thursday, will be examined by the European authorities without delay, he said.

The commissioner said that, under a Hungarian initiative, Budapest would host a high-level conference on ways of coping with the challenge of a wave of refugees Hungary is exposed to in late September or early October.

Hungary has become a gateway for migrants to the European Union, with 35,000 refugees arriving in the country during the past month alone, Avramopoulos said.

Commenting on the border fence Hungary was raising along its border with Serbia to stem the tide, he said that the EU encouraged its member states to “take alternative measures” rather than build fences.


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