Every year, on the day of the symbolic ‘birth’ of the Hungarian state, 20th of August, Hungary’s cake is shown to the public in Budapest and all around the confectioneries in the country. The idea is to create a special birthday cake which then can be tasted by everyone since the recipe becomes available.

It all started in 2007 when the Prime Minister’s Office and the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation invited entries to the competition for the first time. Confectioneries all around the country could enter with their own creations to win the honourable title. The cakes are judged by a noted professional jury in several rounds.

The winner this year is Gellért Szó with his Apricot Schnapps Peanut Cake from Pannonhalma. He works in the Handicraft Confectionery in Salgótarján. His creation was picked out of 39 cakes. It is the mixture of caramelized peanut, apricot schnapps syrup, cacao butter and apricot cream, milk chocolate mousse with peanut and caramel topping. If this wouldn’t be enough goodness, its dough is made out of almond flour which makes it gluten free.

This was the first year when a woman won Hungary’s Sugar free Cake title. Orsolya Vaslóczki’s Apricot Bubble Cake is made without added sugar, all-purpose flour and preservatives. The Apricot Bubble Cake blends in with the Hungarian flavours. The characteristic taste of apricot is in harmony with the walnut cream and toasted walnut in the dough. The crispy chocolate layer is quite surprising, but the most original part of the cake is the bubbly decoration.

Gregory Iron Photography

translated by Alexandra Béni

Source: www.index.hu, www.szeretlekmagyarország.hu

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