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Budapest, December 18 (MTI) – Brussels should stop deepening European integration and trying to resolve problems by establishing new institutions; instead, it should focus on preserving its achievements, Justice Minister László Trócsányi said on Sunday.

Interviewed by commercial radio Karc FM, the minister reaffirmed his commitment to European integration but added that he saw plenty of problems in the way the European Union works.

As an example, he mentioned the plan to set up a European public prosecutor’s office (EPPO) which he said would raise efficiency problems while creating overlaps as both the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and Eurojust would survive alongside it, the minister said.

Instead of setting up new institutions, existing and well-operating ones should be reinforced, he said.

Trocsanyi noted that a quarter of Europeans are eurosceptic, ten percent favour creating a United States of Europe while the majority do not take sides in this issue.

“European decision-makers should therefore pursue a realistic policy which does not commit itself in either direction,” he said.

Source: MTI

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