The 2012 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) results were published recently and it’s evident that Hungary is lagging behind: among the 34 examined countries Hungary was placed 29. and finished last among the European countries.

During the test, students had to search for answers in connection with the city of Seraing on a webpage specifically created for the PISA, in order to measure students’ abilities to search for specific information, find the correct answers, and be quick. Depending on the way and the time students find the answers, it can be determined if they have any problems with written comprehension (the longer it takes to find something the more chance there is that someone has problems with understanding the text).

Students from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, and Hungary had the worst results in the most simplistic tasks, and only one fourth of the Hungarian students could solve the more difficult tasks without mistakes (the OECD average is 40%); regarding speed and perseverance, Hungary was among the countries that performed the worst, reaching 6th place. 

According to the evaluation of the results, Hungarian schools are using outdated computers and their access to the internet is limited; households are in an even worse situation: those who would need the internet the most have no access to either computers or the internet in many cases, and schools cannot compensate that.

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translated by Adrienn Sain


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