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PM Orbán shared a video on his Facebook page about giving a ride to the Norris family and taking them to a training camp at the Counter Terrorism Centre. They talked about the PM’s childhood, and it became clear that Chuck does not really know how old exactly his oldest son is. More below.

Sharing a ride with the Hungarian PM

I am a street fighter” – said PM Orbán to Chuck, and since the American action-movie star did not really understand what he was talking about, he added that instead of coming from the elite, he comes from a small village near Budapest. We will probably never know what exactly the correlation between being a street fighter and coming from a small village is, but one can learn from the video that the

Hungarian PM offered a tour in his home village for Chuck and his wife

when they visit Hungary next time.

Interestingly, PM Orbán said that Felcsút is “nothing special”, but it is a nice place. Locals would probably think the opposite since not many Hungarian villages have an arena that is among the world’s most beautiful ones or a narrow-gauge railway which caused even the EU’s anti-fraud agency, OLAF, to investigate.

They also talked about politics: PM Orbán said that the

liberals hate him

and 90 pc of the news about him is negative, but Chuck replied that President Donald Trump is in the same situation in the USA.

After watching how agents of the Hungarian Counter Terrorism Centre are training, the former ‘Texas Ranger’ said that he had never seen such high-quality performance even though he had already seen many kinds of training all around the world. They also agreed that PM Orbán’s father is the same age as Chuck. Interestingly, Chuck did not remember how old his older son is (57), but he knew that the youngest is 17.

You can watch the full-length video below:


He came to Hungary to help a charity campaign

Before or after meeting Viktor Orbán, Chuck Norris had time to pay a visit to his old friend, the Government Commissioner in charge of the Hungarian film industry, Andrew G. Vajna. Mr Vajna posted a photo on Twitter in which Chuck is struggling very hard for some reasons.

As we already reported, the American action movie-star fell in love with Hungary, and he was amazed by the hospitality of Hungarians. The 78-year-old actor and his wife

came to Hungary to support the Shoebox Charity Campaign organised by the Hungarian Baptist Aid.

He signed one of his white hats which will be auctioned off to support the Tábitha hospice for children.

When someone asked if he could count to infinity twice, he laughed and told that university students have already sent him a few memes in 2006, which he found very entertaining, but he never thought they would be so popular.

Of course, he was asked what he thinks about Hungary and Budapest, to which he replied with a marvellous compliment: “I have already been to Hungary twice to promote my films, and I travelled a lot around the world, but I can tell you,

Budapest is the most beautiful city I have ever seen,

and I have not experienced such hospitality anywhere else.” – replied Norris. He added that he only regrets he could not hug everybody one by one. His wife travelled to Hungary for the first time, but she could not say any different about the Hungarian people. “I wish we could see such belief in God in the United States as well” – she said.

Did you know that a Hungarian animation studio created a parody starring Chuck Norris? You can watch it below:

Featured image: Yesterday, PM Orbán posted a photo entitled ‘Elite Squad’. Source: facebook.com/orbanviktor

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