A collection of ship models, the cookware of a kitchen of a tavern in the 18th century Esztergom and a Helischer museum’s book collection will be presented, travelo.hu says.

Nearly two thousand objects are seen from the museum’s archaeological, ethnographical, fine and applied art collection on the exhibition organized in 180 square metres. Most of the objects were in a store and now they are placed in the showcases.

One of the specialty of the ethnographical exhibition is the nearly complete set of dishes of a 18th century tavern in Esztergom, which was found from an excavation 10 years ago. A sample collection is also unique from the legacy of a paint shop and there is a collection of gingerbread forms too, travelo.hu says.

According to travelo.hu, the image gallery offers a chance to show the collection of the museums ship models, which was given by the family of captain Sándor Nagy in 1962. A part of them is self- made. The visitors also can see the Heilscher book collection, which are Latin and German handwritten codices with an amount of nearly 3 thousand volumes.

There are touch-screen information desks and interactive solutions, tour guides and quizzes for the children. The building of the Balassa Museum was erected in 1777, the cost of the image gallery was HUF 60 million from EU and Hungarian sources.

based on the article of travelo.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: www.szeretgom.hu

Source: http://travelo.hu/

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