Budapest, February 6 (MTI) – The number of Ukrainian Hungarians crossing over to Hungary and seeking help from the Hungarian Maltese Charity has been increasing in recent days, the head of the charity said on Friday.

The Maltese Charity offers temporary accommodation to them in their facilities and sometimes in offices to make sure that nobody spends the night in the street, he said in a statement. The charity has been rearranging its resources when necessary to meet all demands, he added.

Parliament’s national security committee assessed information concerning the Ukraine conflict at a meeting on Tuesday. The representatives said afterwards that special attention was paid to the military drafting of minorities, especially of ethnic Hungarians.

Head of the committee, Zsolt Molnar, of the opposition Socialists, said mobilisation also affected members of the 200,000 ethnic Hungarian community living in Transcarpathia.

The committee’s deputy chairman, Szilard Nemeth, of ruling Fidesz, said that Romanians, Rusyns, Poles and Hungarians are also being drafted in greater numbers than what their proportion within the population would justify. He added that they would seek a solution from the European Union to this problem.



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