Budapest, July 6 (MTI) – The opposition Jobbik party has called for Hungary’s parliamentary parties to discuss the future of the European Union and how to reform the bloc’s basic treaty.

Opposition Jobbik lawmaker Márton Gyöngyösi told a news conference on Wednesday that after the Brexit vote, the EU’s institutions and member states were in a bind about the bloc’s future. This presents a “huge opportunity” to switch from a federalist conception of Europe to one built on national sovereignties, he said.

Doing so would require a change of personnel in Brussels and at the level of member states, he argued, adding that the “20th century elite must be exchanged for representatives of the 21st century”.

He said the current ideas of the Brussels elite were bankrupt and not up to the demands of addressing the continent’s social, political, demographic and financial-economic crises.

Source: MTI

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