Tibor Bana Jobbik lawmaker Hungary

Budapest, July 24 (MTI) – Radical nationalist Jobbik has urged the EU to immediately suspend its association agreement with Israel, and Hungarians to boycott buying Israeli products, a senior party official said today.

The agreement entered into force in 2000 and serves as a legal basis for the EU’s relations with Israel.

It is untenable that the European community should maintain relations with “an aggressor state such as Israel,” Tibor Bana, deputy chairman of the Hungarian parliament’s EU affairs committee, told a press conference.

He said that EU leaders regularly “take sides with Israel and make a unilateral approach in presenting developments almost exclusively from the aspect of Israel’s grievances.”

Bana called on Hungarians to stop buying Israeli goods until the Jewish state puts an end to its “violent actions”.

Jobbik will on Thursday evening organise a peaceful demonstration to express support with the Palestinian people, he said. The demonstrators will call for supporting the creation of an autonomous Palestinian state and protest against the “violent policy” of Israel, he said.

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Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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