Budapest, December 28 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party has demanded the public release of loan contracts state banks signed with government commissioner Andrew G Vajna’s company in connection with his bid to buy the TV2 media group.

Lawmaker Elod Novak noted that press reports have said that apart from Eximbank’s 6.7 billion forint (EUR 21.3m) loan transferred to Vajna’s company, state-owned MKB had also lent several billion forints to the film industry commissioner. He added that he considers MKB’s legal threat citing the bank secrecy law as an admission of its involvement.

Novak described Vajna as Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s “two-armed bandit” who is receiving government support “to build [ruling] Fidesz’s media empire”.

Novak said there is reason to suspect that Vajna turned to state-owned banks for loans because he was given more favourable terms than what was on offer elsewhere. He said it was “unacceptable” that a company that had not generated any revenue since its founding in 2012 had been able to secure loans with favourable terms while Hungarian small businesses would never be offered such terms.

He said Vajna’s casinos could potentially be used as money laundering schemes as they are not required to use online cash registers connected to the tax office. Novak said the casinos likely generated more profits in 2015 than the 3 billion forints they made last year, which, he said, could be complemented by additional untaxed profits.


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