underlined, Jobbik would tighten the Penal Code in order to reduce the number of violent attacks on elderly people.

Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki recalled that recently two elderly women were savagely beaten in their own homes. The majority of these brutal attacks committed by gypsy perpetrators said Mirkóczki. One of the victims has survived the brutal attack only because she fainted, so the robbers thought she had died. It is scandalous that police charged the perpetrators with assault rather than attempted murder.

There is no effective crime prevention program in this country therefore, the Criminal Code should be further strengthened. Elderly people over 65 entitled to the same protection as children, because they are as vulnerable as the younger generation. Jobbik demands exemplary punishment for those targeting elderly people; if no one protects the defenseless, they have to be protected by means of the law said the Jobbik politician.

On the weekend Jobbik deputy parliamentary group leader János Volner said, if Jobbik wins the national election the party will start implementing its law enforcement program immediately; it will create a gendarmerie force, self-sustaining correctional institutions, reinstate the death penalty and force violent criminals to pay lifelong compensation to their victims.

Volner reminded journalists of a recent criminal case where a 92 -year-old woman was severely assaulted and robbed — the victim later died of her injuries in hospital.

Since the Fidesz has won the national election violent crimes increased in the country, which calls for attacking the problem of lack of public safety head-on said Volner.

“Despite the liberal hysteria” Jobbik would restore the gendarmerie force because the organization was very successful preventing violent crimes between the two world wars. Self-sustaining prisons will be another important step in Jobbik’s crime prevention strategy; the plan will require inmates to work in jail to earn the costs of their own imprisonment said Volner.

One of the most important elements of Jobbik’s law enforcement program is the idea to restore the death penalty said Volner. According to the politician, the majority of Hungarian people agree with the restoration of the death penalty. Regarding this issue “neither the EU nor any other party’s opinion” would affect Jobbik party’s position.

Coming to power, Jobbik would immediately amend the criminal code so that murderers, robbers, and other violent criminals would be liable for damages and required to pay compensation to their victims until the end of their lives said Volner.


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