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Jobbik: EU leaders finally take notice of pressing European income gap

Jobbik: EU leaders finally take notice of pressing European income gap

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is happy to see more and more Western European leaders taking notice of the anomaly arising from the gap between the EU’s eastern and western member states in terms of wages and living standards, MP Márton Gyöngyösi, representative of the Citizens’ Committee for a European Wage Union.

Gyöngyösi said, Jobbik is convinced that this problem, which has been swept under the carpet for so long, makes the ideas of a single market and solidarity a false illusion, and the solution of the problem cannot be delayed much longer.

I feel hopeful hearing that EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker discussed the pay issue in his State of the Union Address as well, Gyöngyösi told.

Stating that there could be no second-grade workers in a Europe based on equality, he pointed out that equal work deserved equal pay, Jobbik MP said.


Although Jean-Claude Juncker was talking about the wages of employees posted abroad, our position is that this issue is a part of an overall income anomaly affecting Europe as a whole, Jobbik MP said. This problem cannot be solved without a comprehensive elimination of wage inequalities and a real economic integration, which then could lead to a Europe based on true equality, Gyöngyösi said.

“In Jobbik’s view, the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union, which could achieve an in-depth reform of the EU’s cohesion and integration policies and thus become the basis of a new, fairer Europe, will provide the solution for this repeatedly raised problem. So Jobbik encourages the EU’s decision-making bodies and authorities not to let the wage equalization mentioned in the State of the Union Address become another unfulfilled promise. Instead, they should employ all their means to eliminate income inequalities,” Gyöngyösi said.

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