Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona submitted a written question to the Prime Minister, asking how many members of the current government administration had received money from sources related to George Soros.

Mr. Vona asked Mr. Orbán to inform him of all government members, ministers of state, state secretaries and under-secretaries who received funds from George Soros or any foundations or NGOs established by him.

“I am sure the Honourable Prime Minister agrees with me that these data constitute information of public interest in the present situation, therefore let me kindly ask you to indicate the purpose, date and amount of the funds provided for each person as well,” wrote the president.

The question was answered by Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Csaba Dömötör, if his piece qualifies as an answer at all. Instead of providing the requested data, he produced a lengthy treatise on how he believed Jobbik became a Soros supporter.

In Mr. Dömötör’s view, the government can only grant legal requests, which Mr. Vona’s question is not. Finally, the minister of state suggested that if Jobbik’s president was interested in the CVs of state leaders, he should look them up on the government’s website – which makes no mention of the Soros monies, however. Interestingly enough, although the Hungarian government has been trying to look into Soros-related sources funding some NGOs, but when it comes to how many of their own politicians received money through the billionaire’s sources, such inquiries are suddenly regarded as illegal.

Photo: Photo taken by Jeff Ooi/Wikimedia Commons

Source: Jobbik – press release

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