(MTI) – The level to which politics and the economy are interlaced in Hungary is unacceptable in a democracy; Fidesz has extended its influence to every corner of the economy, deputy group leader of the radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Saturday.

Fidesz has created a propaganda machine and an economic clientele by the last year of its government while nearly 4 million people are living at minimum subsistence level in the country, Marton Gyongyosi told a press conference held near Fidesz’s Budapest headquarters.

Gyongyosi said, four out of Hungary’s seven official regions are amongst Europe’s 20 poorest regions and that propaganda on success is remote from reality. While Fidesz’s campaign is based on economic growth, in reality only multinational companies and the foreign-owned vehicle industry bring output, which does not help the national economy, he added.

The only ones who can talk about success in this country are companies close to Fidesz, Gyongyosi said, referring to the fact that on Christmas day Közgép, a company owned by the Fidesz-sponsor billionnaire Lajos Simicska won five tenders on public procurement worth a total of HUF 27 billion (approximately EUR 90 million) for the treatment of radioactive and solid waste material in various parts of the country.

Photo: jobbik.hu

Source: http://hungarymatters.hu/

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