Budapest, May 6 (MTI) – Jobbik staged a protest march in Körmend, in western Hungary, and demanded that a local reception centre should be shut down, on Friday.

Tibor Bana, local leader and MP of Jobbik, told some 200-250 participants that his party does not “want to see migrants in Körmend”. Bana insisted that “minor incidents involving migrants” have occurred in the city, and voiced concern that further migrants arriving could make the situation “much worse”.

Dániel Z Kárpát, Jobbik’s vice chair, warned that though Friday’s demonstration has been a “peaceful warning”, residents were ready to “protect their country, family, assets, their own territory”.

Z Kárpát demanded that a border guard should be set up and Hungary’s borders be sealed. “Hungary cannot be forced to accommodate unwelcome foreigners”, he insisted.

Photo: MTI


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