Press release – As the 99th anniversary of Transylvania’s official attachment to Romania and the Romanian memorial day was approaching, the head of Jobbik’s national policy cabinet called upon the Romanian state to live up to the promises of freedom for Hungarians, as made by the National Assembly in Gyulafehérvár (Alba Iulia) on December 1, 1918.

In his Thursday press conference held in front of Romania’s Budapest Embassy, István Szávay recalled the provisions of the National Assembly Resolution, for example, that the nations comprising the country were given total national freedom, each nation had the right for public administration, education and jurisdiction in their own respective native language as well as a proportionate representation in the country’s legislation and government.

The politician noted that Romania had thus far failed to live up to these promises. “Native language use has not been fully implemented in public administration and the Romanian state keeps launching attacks on Transylvanian Hungarian education and the judicial system functions only in the Romanian language,” he emphasized.

“To this day, Romania still treats the nearly 1.5 million Hungarians as second-class citizens while it keeps blocking Szekler autonomy efforts, too,” he summarized.

As Mr Szávay put it, he understands that 1st December is a national commemoration day for Romania but he also asks Romania to understand that Hungarians cannot celebrate it as it is the day of our thousand-year-old homeland being split up; the “anniversary of our national loss”. “A future Jobbik-led government will give priority to supporting autonomy efforts,” he stated.

During the press conference, three Jobbik-activists held up a banner with the Hungarian and Romanian versions of the pledges made in the Alba Iulia Declaration that Mr Szávay referred to. The MP expressed his regret that the Hungarian government refused to truly address the issue and even swept off Jobbik’s motion to assign 2020 as the memorial year of Trianon. While Mr Szávay was holding his press conference in Budapest,

Jobbik’s local representatives held up banners with quotes from the Declaration in many towns of Transylvania, reminding the Romanian state of the unfulfilled promises.

The authorities tried to restrict them in many places, they even confiscated their banners in Nagyvárad (Oradea) even though the demonstration was not at all provocative according to the local representative.

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