Budapest, February 19 (MTI) – Violent conflicts in Ukraine could reach Transcarpathia in the western part of the country, Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik has warned, calling on ethnic Hungarians to “withstand provocation and try to stay away”.

Jobbik lawmaker Istvan Szavay told a press conference on Wednesday that the Hungarian government should “use the opportunity” and “firmly act” on behalf of Ukraine’s Hungarian community. Rather than making preparations for receiving a possible influx of refugees from Ukraine, the government should “make every effort to ensure that no Hungarians in Transcarpathia are forced to leave their home”, he insisted.

Szavay urged the government to exert pressure within the European Union and promote joint actions to protect Hungarians in Ukraine. Hungary’s diplomacy “had better have a position of its own” to protect Hungarians “rather than act as an Atlantic, Zionist branch”, he added.



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