As the Jobbik statement said, it is a key feature of all single-party authoritarian systems that such a party, after bringing all state organs under its control, also aims to suppress the media, in spite of the latter’s important role in the checks and balances of any democracy. Fidesz is building a single-party authoritarian state, Péter Jakab, Jobbik’s spokesman said.

Jobbik finds it unacceptable that

the Media Council, now filled up with Fidesz delegates, allows the entire spectrum of the Hungarian media market,

local and national newspapers alike, to end up in the hands of Lőrinc Mészáros, the businessman commonly referred to as Viktor Orbán’s strawman, and Andy Vajna, while the same council blocks the expansion of RTL Klub, for example. The consequence of the Media Council’s actions is that Hungarian voters will get nothing but government propaganda instead of the reality, and news of the Soros Plan but not of the Orbán Plan.

Getting into government, Jobbik will dismantle the single-party authoritarian system and restore the freedom of the press: the opposition Jobbik will take the media back from partisan propagandists and give it to real journalists to make sure that citizens can receive varied and balanced information.

Source: Press release – Jobbik

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