From 17 to 24 July two important championships took place within the world of modern pentathlon. The first was the UIPM (YA) World Championships for juniors under 19 years in the Czech capital, Prague, while the second was the European Senior Championships in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.

Hungary won two bronze medals at the Juniors’ Championships. The Hungarian team, which included Michelle Gulyás and Luca Barta, won a bronze medal in the team-relay women’s competition.

The other bronze was earned in the men team’s competition thanks to the Hungarian team which included Barnabas Burcsik, Bence Viczián, and Balázs Szép.

At the European Championship, owing to Róbert Kasza and Sarlota Kovács, Hungary won two silver medals and one bronze. Kasza won silver in the men’s tournament. Kovács her silver won in the women tournament in the same way. Together, Kasza and Kovács won the team-relay mix’s bronze medal thereafter.

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Source: By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

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