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Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) announced at the party’s Thursday board meeting that he is quitting the party, DK said in a statement.

The statement did not elaborate on the reason why Kerék-Bárczy is leaving the party.

Anonymous sources close to DK told MTI that Kerék-Bárczy had recently had a number of disagreements with the party both at a personal and political level.

Further, news portal 168ora.hu on Thursday published an article by Kerék-Bárczy in which he criticises the Hungarian opposition as a whole and specifically DK. MTI understands that Kerék-Bárczy did not inform DK beforehand that the article would be published, and because of this he was asked at the board meeting to consider resigning.

In the article Kerék-Bárczy writes that although the left-wing cooperation of 2014 failed and lost the general election that year, the left-wing leaders in charge of that campaign are still in key positions today. He said DK’s strategy of trying to become the leading left-wing party before pivoting to the centre in the hope of winning the election had failed.

Source: MTI

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