Budapest, August 31 (MTI) – The government’s second term in office has made it timely to satisfy neglected social demands in Hungary and support Hungarian businesses ready to invest abroad, Parliamentary Speaker Laszlo Kover said in New York’s Hungarian House on Sunday local time.

Meeting neglected social demands is on the agenda in the boom that follows the economic crisis but if the government boosts incomes for one social group then it results in dissatisfaction in the majority, he said.

“We are in a paradox situation when despite the successes that prove us right the opposition has increasing opportunities to present further demands and these are embraced and supported by various social groups,” Kover said.

Commenting on the government’s policy to unite Hungarians across borders, he said a practical approach was needed “to make people around the world, and especially in the Carptathian Basin, experience that they are members of one single nation regardless of what citizenship they have next to the Hungarian out of necessity”, he said.


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