American cuisine is famous for combining foods that have seemingly nothing to do with each other. Following the ramen burger and the fusion of croissant and doughnut, next on the list is Hungary’s beloved lángos, paired up with a hamburger, reports.

Lángos, the Hungarian deep fried dough is getting more and more popular in the US. Last year a food truck selling lángos opened in New York City, and now a Brooklyn restaurant, famous for their Central European dishes, has put a new item on the menu: the lángosburger.

Food Network’s series on burgers has reported on the new dish, the teaser of which has already caused quite a stir on the internet.

Maria, the chef of the Korzo Restaurant was born in former Czechoslovakia, and her restaurant’s dishes have been inspired by the food of her childhood. Next to strapachka, stews and other Check-Slovakian-Hungarian dishes, Korzo became famous for their deep fried burgers. If the idea of the lángosburger is not confusing enough, Maria mixes up the filling as well. The fatty brisket patties are topped with bryndza, a kind of sheep cheese; braised pork; and sauerkraut. The end result is not quite a burger, but not quite a lángos anymore, either.

Check out the Food Network’s video on how the lángosburger is made:

Korzo’s Deep-Fried BurgerThe Deep-Fried Burger at Brooklyn’s Korzo

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