Budapest, July 8 (MTI) – Zsolt Semjen, the deputy prime minister in charge of Hungarian communities abroad, stressed the role of the Hungarian language in nurturing the nation today.

semjén“The Hungarian language is crucial for both the individual and the entire nation and it has been evident since the [early 19th-century] Age of Reforms that there is a close connection between the strength of the Hungarian nation and the thriving of its language,” Semjen said, opening ELTE’s Hungarian Summer University for the Carpathian Basin in Budapest.

“No matter in which country the storm of history has swept us, we are speaking the same language, belonging to the same cultural community and having the same fate,” he said.

The Hungarian state has the aim and duty to guarantee the survival and the prosperity of the nation, Semjen said.

The deputy prime minister spoke about the government’s measures to promote the reunification of the nation under public law, including the introduction of the fast-track citizenship procedure.

The six-day summer university, held for the 20th time, is attended by 155 Hungarian students from abroad, 25 percent more than last year. Most of them arrived from Romania, Ukraine and Serbia.

Photo: MTI – Zsolt Szigetvary


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