The change of law enshrined in Hungary’s constitution, which effectively outlaws living on the street, “serves the interests of society as a whole”, a government official said on Thursday.

The law amendment that enters into force on Oct. 15, “aims to ensure that homeless people are not on the streets at nighttime and that citizens can make use of public space unimpeded,” Attila Fülöp, the state secretary for social affairs and inclusion, told a press conference in Veszprem, in western Hungary.

The law states that making public space a habitat is forbidden.

He said the government is setting aside a reserve fund of 300 million forints (EUR 925,000) for homeless provision such as ensuring the operations of day and night shelters and 24-hour aid for the needy.

“From a humanitarian point of view, it is important to develop the institutions that provide for the homeless,” he added.

Additionally, seven tenders worth 650 million forints have been won to upgrade institutions for the homeless across the country, he said.

Miklós Vécsei, deputy head of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, said it was important to find professional solutions for dealing with people living on the street who are reluctant to move into an institution.

Lajos Némedi, the (Fidesz-KDNP) deputy mayor of Veszprém, said that caring for the homeless worked well in the city thanks to the good cooperation of the people concerned, and this would apply in the future, too.

Source: MTI

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