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Leftist opposition DK protests interior ministry plans aiming ‘total control’

Leftist opposition DK protests interior ministry plans aiming ‘total control’

The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition has called on the interior ministry to drop plans aimed at facilitating what it called “complete control” over citizens.

As we wrote before, the Hungarian State wants to monitor its citizens more exhaustively in the future – at least this is what is stated in the new bill tabled by the Ministry of Interior last Monday.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, DK co-leader and MEP Péter Niedermüller said that the ministry’s recent proposal, aimed at changing rules of accessing and storing personal data, failed to meet basic principles of such activities.

Niedermüller said that the proposal did not indicate details of a new, central storage facility of personal data, and added that granting the police authorisation to access those data “not only in justified, individual cases” was unacceptable. “This would facilitate uninterrupted surveillance of any person,” he argued.


DK will appeal to the European Commission if the Hungarian parliament passes the proposal into law, Niedermüller said.

Source: MTI

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