The country shows a bad tendency in the number of companies compared to other Central-European countries. Analysts of Bisnode claims that averagely 6.5% of the companies get cancelled yearly.

If we compare the statistics of years 2012 and 2013, we can see that there was 25% more company cancellation in the latter one, exactly meaning thatmore than 36.000 enterprises has broken down last year.

It means that averagely 3000 companies get cancelled monthly these days, eg. 3600 pieces in February. The balance always staysnegative: there were 5500 new companies established, but also 6500 deletions in January and February altogether.

In the building industry every 10th and in hospitality, textil and wholesale tradeevery 8th companyget deleted. The smallest risks are with the chemical and machine repair industry and with social services.

If we check the region, Slovenia and Slovakia shows weaker results, but Croatia outstands highly positively: thanks to the new regulations 72% less companies have been deleted in 2013 – related to year 2012. With a less significant but still postive balance, Poland has a 11.8% difference rate. Serbia has the best result in this field because only the 0.8% of the companies have been deleted last year.

We need to note that the reasons of deletions are mostly the debt problems which cause the suspension procedure.




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