malta demonstration
Valletta, Malta. Photo: MTI/AP

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced on Sunday his decision to resign from office after January 12, when a new leader is chosen for the Labour Party and could replace him as prime minister.

“This is what needs to be done,” he said in a recorded televised address to the nation just minutes after the conclusion of yet another protest on the streets of Valletta demanding his resignation.

“I always said that a Prime Minister should not serve for more than two legislatures. So the time has come to practice what I preach and will kick-start the process for a new prime minister who will continue the work that has already been done,” he said.
Referring to the killing of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, Muscat said:

“Justice is being done. And I will see that justice is for everyone. Investigations are not complete. No one is above justice.”

Galizia was reportedly killed by a car bomb in Malta on Oct. 16, 2017.

“I reiterate my deepest regret that a person who, with all her positive and negative qualities and contribution towards the democracy of our country, was killed in such a brutal way.”

He said that every decision he took as long as he has been in power was out of love for his country. “I am not perfect. And I have my shortcomings… I assure you I gave everything in return for the trust you gave me… I had my defects and for them I apologize personally, even when these shortcomings were because of someone else.”
In reaction, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said every day Muscat remained in power was another blow to justice.

Source: Xinhua – Valletta

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