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McDelivery in South Korea, 2008, author: KennethHan

McDonald’s may launch its McDelivery service in Hungary soon. McDelivery works in about eight European countries and many others around the globe. The Hungarian capital city might be the next one.

While our neighbouring countries, Austria, Slovenia and Romania, can already enjoy home delivery McDonald’s food, Hungary is ready to start McDelivery in April 2019, reported Hungarian news site Index. Even though the statement is not official yet, the company is ‘ready to start the delivery service’ in the country.

It is very likely that the food will be brought to homes by delivery service Netpincér, which also has a mobile app for delivering food from various restaurants in Hungary.

Especially in big cities around the world, McDelivery is very-very popular indeed; some of their delivery services are provided by Uber Eats cars, bicycles or scooters.

The first McDonald’s opened in Hungary, in 1988

#mcdonalds #mcdelivery #hungary
McDelivery, Seoul, November 2015
author: Bonnielou2013, wikicommons

The expected price of home delivery is unknown as of yet. The majority of the countries charge $1-3 for delivery, but there are countries where deliveries come only above a certain amount spent.

In Hungary, the delivery hours might be from 11 am to 11 pm, like in Vienna, but a 24/7 service might be available in Budapest, too.

#mcdonalds #mcdelivery #hungary
McDelivery bycicle delivery man in Shanghai, China
author: Christopher, wikicommons

The best Hungarian food delivery services

Featured image: commons.wikimedia.org

Source: index.hu

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