This year, Hungarian actor Mirkó Bősz could be seen in not one but two Christmas-themed advertisements. He played a village boy in the Christmas advert of John Lewis and a blind boy in the first Christmas-themed advert of the Palace of Arts. Both were well-received and produced in Hungary.

According to Szeretlek Magyarország, Mirkó was most excited to see a Christmas tree in the summer. The staff of the John Lewis production did all they could to get the cast in the Christmas spirit.

It was no small task since they filmed in August, in the middle of a heatwave.

edgar the dragon john lewis advert
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Huge amounts of fake snow were used and even a cooling-tent was set up where the actors could chill on their break. Despite the hot weather, Mirkó enjoyed the shoot since there were many children among the extras.

Christmas-themed advertisements are becoming more and more successful in Hungary.

This was the first year the Palace of Arts produced a Christmas ad, which received considerable attention. The final product tells the heart-warming story of a blind kid whose father works for the institution and gives a special gift to his son.

International Emmy-winner Marina Gera can also be seen alongside Mirkó, as the mother.

marina gera international emmys 2019
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This year could mark the beginning of a new phenomenon in Hungary, and Christmas advertisements may become more and more heartfelt, thoughtful, and of great quality.


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