Tamás Farkas as a child with Michael Jacksonnn
Tamás Farkas as a child with Michael Jackson, youtube.com

He quit his job, was forced to move to his family, he even had to stop taking the special medicines. Yet, the 29-year-old Tamás Farkas does not give up; he was the little boy, whose life was saved by Michael Jackson.

Recently, the world’s favourite pop star legend Michael Jackson is the topic of many newspapers, because of the 4-hour-long documentary, Leaving NeverlandBlikk has recently asked Tamás Farkas, the man who actually lives because of Jackson’s financial support. Now, unfortunately, he is not doing very well.

In 1994, Michael Jackson was shooting a promo clip for his album HIStory, but he also visited Heim Pál and Bethesda children’s hospital. At the latter one, he met the five-year-old Tamás, who was on a liver and bile donor-waiting-list.

Now, Tamás recalls these moments:

“At that time my skin was greenish yellow, and my belly was bloated because of the water. I remember Jackson standing at my bed, and I was taken to Brussels clinic shortly afterwards.”

Jackson and the little Farkas in 1994:

“At the first two operations, my body did not react appropriately, but the third operation was successful. The foundation also paid for control tests in Belgium, and expensive medicines. Jackson spent more than 50 million forints (45o,500 dollars) on rescuing my life, for which I will be grateful for him in the rest of my life.”

MJ returns in 1996, after the successful operation:

Tamás Farkas (previously his name was Béla Farkas) is now 29-years-old and is employed at public works. He even told the media that he considered selling the huge human-sized plush teddybear that Michael brought him by helicopter. Eventually, Tamás has not sold it, because no one had offered the right amount of money for the teddybear.

Ruby Rose Australian actress helping Hungarian hospitals voluntarily

Tamás strongly disagrees with the currently ongoing Jackson discredit documentary film and bad-repetition campaign. In his opinion, Michael was a man of true love, and he does not look at him as the attacks depict him.

“He (Jackson) hugged me, too, but he did not do anything that would be inappropriate, even though we were living in the same hotel in 1996 when he invited me to his Budapest concert.”

Featured image: youtube.com

Source: blikk.hu

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